Recon - Optic Combo Pack
Recon - Optic Combo Pack includes:
Primary Arms 1-6x Scope with ACSS Reticle calibrated exclusively for AK either in 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 (select option from drop down menu) and RS Regulate 303 Full Length (gen 2) with AKR top and 30mm Low Rings which put scope very close to the bore.
Please select scope caliber from drop down menu.

Torque Rating for scope clamps: 22 in-lbs
Main mount screw: 50 in-lbs 

This is almost 10% in savings from all those single items!!!
7.62x39 Scope Shown with Vepr FM

Picture of combo: Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS scope, 30mm low rings, RS Regulate AKR and 303 mounts
(rifle not included) 

Included items: 1-6x Primary Arms ACSS Scope


ACSS Reticle for 7.62x39 Version

ACSS Reticle for 5.45x39 Version

Included items: RS Regulate 303 pictured below
Included items: RS Regulate AKR mount for PA 1-6x Scope
Included items: Primary Arms 30mm Low Rings for 1-6x ACSS scope
Video about Recon / Annihilator and Hunter Combos

  • Item #: Recon - Optic Combo Pack

Recon - Optic Combo Pack

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