Polish AKMS Armorers Kits - Unissued Polish Army Surplus!
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Polish AKMS Armorers Kits - Unissued Polish Army Surplus! 

Over 40 spare parts for AK in Unissued condition (like firing pins, springs, cleaning rods, grips and etc)!

Complete Parts list below the pictures!

Trully Collector's Item! Polish AKMS armorers kit in wood box for 7.62X39mm.
Sold as a set (as pictured).
The entire selection of unused, packaged parts is contained in a Polish military marked wooden storage box.

Shipping on this item is FREE (tracked and insured)!

Boxes may show signs of chips, wear, marring, scratches, finish wear, etc...

Under folding stock mounting pins__ (2 each)
U/F stock detents (internal)__ (3 each)
U/F stock spring caps__ (2 each)
U/F stock springs__ (3 each)
U/F stock nuts__ (2 each)
U/F stock pins__ (3 each)
Hammer springs__ (2 each)
Automatic sears__ (2 each)
Automatic sear springs__ (2each)
Hammer retarder latches__ (3 each)
Magazine catches__ (2 each)
Pistol grip screw nuts__ (2 each)
Hammer retarder latch rivets__ (3 each)
Hammer retarder springs__ (3 each)
Muzzle device detent springs__ (2 each)
Return spring retainers__ (2 each)
Disconnector springs__ (2 each)
Magazine catch springs__ (3 each)
Magazine catch pins__ (3 each)
Pistol grip screws__ (2 each)
Rear sight leaf springs__ (2 each)
Fire control group pins__ (3 each)
Front sight posts__ (5 each)
Upper handguards__ (3 each)
Upper handguard springs__ (3 each)
Firing pins__ (5 each)
Extractors__ (5 each)
Extractor springs__ (5 each)
Firing pin retention pins__ (5 each)
Extractor retention pins__ (5 each)
Magazine spring__ (2 each)
U/F stock right strut __ (1 each)
U/F stock left strut__ (1 each)
U/F stock detents (external)__ (3 each)
U/F stock sling swivels__ (2 each)
Safety Selector levers__ (2 each)
Rear sight leaves__ (2 each)
Rear sight leaves with illuminated inserts__ (2 each)
Recoil spring complete assemblies__ (2 each)
Lower handguards__ (2 each)
Pistol grips__ (2 each)
Cleaning rods__ (2 each)
Gas port reamer__ (1 each)
Bayonet scabbard tension springs__ (2 each)
Bayonet hanger snap hooks__ (4 each)

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Polish AKMS Armorers Kits - Unissued Polish Army Surplus!

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