AK Enhanced Safety Selector Lever for AKs with notch

This is US made Enhanced Safety Selector Level. Those levers were tested in 5,000 Rds test on C39V2!
AK Enhanced Safety Selector Lever will work with most stamped receivers on AK rifles, but it also works with C39V2 and RAS47 rifles after slight mod on the lever shoulder (must be filed away slightly).

The best part is that the extended side tab is located high enough that it will fit on AKs with underfolder stocks WITHOUT notching or modifying the stock’s folding arm, but yet not mounted at the top of the lever edge where it can be out of reach of the trigger finger.  The side tab location also allows this enhanced safety lever to be used on AKs with wire folding stocks.

The safety lever is made of steel and measures 4 1/8″ long. The detent protrusion is located 3 3/4″ from the beginning of the lever.

Color: Black
Made by Premier Shooting Solutions same folks who made AK Master Mount

Please ask if you are not sure about compatibility!

  • Item #: Safety Lever with notch

AK Enhanced Safety Selector Lever for AKs with notch

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