Hungarian AK47 20-Round Magazine Produced by FEG!

Very hard to find Hungarian Tanker 20rd magazine in excellent to unissued condition. These magazines are known to be one of the most reliable magazines ever produced. Perfect for cutting down on weight for home defense, while carrying on duty, AK pistols, underfolders, AMD-65's, and lots of fun at the range!

These are mostly if not all unissued magazines but they show the typical signs of sitting in a warehouse for 40+ years which could include small dents/dings from moving around in a crate.

Hungarian Tanker Magazine (left) vs Regular, 30 rounds magazine

NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT TO CA, CO, CT, HI, MA, MD, NJ, or NY, Cook County IL or any other Restricted Area.

  • Item #: Hungarian AK-47 20-Round Mag

Hungarian AK47 20-Round Magazine Produced by FEG!

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