"Goat Fucker" Hunting Combo Pack - Annihilator / 7.62 Version
"ISIS Goat Fucker" Hunting Combo Pack - Annihilator includes:
Primary Arms 3x Prism Scope with ACSS Reticle calibrated exclusively for AK in 7.62x39 and either: RS Regulate 302 Rear Biased mount (gen 2 ) or 303 Full Length (gen 2) or 307 Full Length for Yugo or 309 for C39V2 and RAS47 (newest model with Century design side rail) mount with ACOG top, which puts scope very close to the bore.
Please select mount option from drop down menu.

This is almost 10% in savings from all those single items!!!
NOTE for RSA47 users - if you are not sure which RAS47 model you have, please email me pictures of your side rail!
3x Prism Scope is now available in Flat Dark Earth color. If you would wish to purchase Annihilator combo with FDE scope, please make a note about it in "special instructions" when placing order.
NOTE FOR VEPR owbers with side folding sotck: those mounts won't work with side folding stock VEPR rifles. Molot used out of spec hinge which is blocking side rail access. All other Vepr versions are Good To Go!

Video about this combo:

Shown with 302 Rear Biased base

Shown in Flat Dark Earth on 303 mount

Included items: 3x Primary Arms Prism Scope


ACSS Reticle

Included items: RS Regulate 302 Rear Biased mount, 303 or 307 (for Yugo) full length mount, pictured below (select from drop down menu)
Optional 303, 307 or 309 mount (full length rail)
Included items: RS Regulate ACOG mount for PA Prism Scope
Video of me shooting with this scope / mount combo at 500 yards target
C39V2 with 309 base rail

  • Item #: "Goat Fucker" - Annihilator

"Goat Fucker" Hunting Combo Pack - Annihilator / 7.62 Version

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